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I came to you, because I love you

This work explores the parallel sides between life/maidenhood and death/womanhood as being a wife. The oil painting is my copy of my grandmother’s bridal present to my grandfather with the following text: ‘I came to you because I love you’. In Hungarian we use the same expression for the phrases ’came to you’ and ’marry to you’. Also there is a hyperrealistic bible and a rosary painted on the blanket which is used in funeral ceremonies.

’To whom got married after her twentieth year, they mocked: ’Old Maid’! I said I won’t be an ’Old Maid’ I will marry! Your grandfather came then I wed him. I didn’t even know him, we just meet at that time, still we lived sixty years together. […] I decided that I esteem the one who wed me. I can’t love someone who didn’t. Afterwards we lived together. We got used to and we came to love each other in the bed.’

(from a recording of Piroska Sándor, my grandmother)



In these series I create association chains based on the Tarot cards’ major arcana. I use trompe l’oeil technique to copy the cards, and to depict a plant (flower) and a ‘ready-made’ found object. I also use personal texts as the end of this chain. Concerned by the meaning of a card and its relation to my life made me start these series. When I am thinking about these meanings and emotions I unconsciously recognize objects in my life related to these issues.


I hope everything will be as it used to be

During the summer of 2013 I was in a Hungarian art-camp with my school. The place we lived in was an abandoned school building located in a small village. I have found an exercise book and an old school bench on the loft. I decided to paint a hyperrealistic image of the exercise book on the bench with the following text: ’I hope everything will be as it used to be”. The whole piece is about memories you don’t want to remember, although you can not forget.


Laid table

I discovered a lot of old clothes and household textiles in my grandmother’s wardrobe what she didn’t want to use. I sewed them together with some old canvases I found in our village, thus I created a long textile. I painted three plates on the long material, and a little glass for pálinka (a traditional fruit brandy in the Carpathian Basin). Each plate stands for a dish and the glass at the beginning stands for the ’first dish’ like an aperitif. This work is connected to a personal image of a traditional Hungarian eating habit.

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