Coloured sketchbook - 2018

I miss you - 2016

I found a deck of dog themed cards with different depictions of dogs. I cut out the dogs from the cards and placed the residual ‘background’ on a found/family photo. The image of the dog was placed on the other side of the book with a blank background. Either there is a dog on each page or the absence of it, but you can feel that something is missing. I used the image of the dog as the symbol of unconditional love and loyalty.

One dog - 2014

In this sketchbook I juxtaposed proverbs/idioms about dogs with dog-stickers supplemented with pencil drawings.

Messages - 2014

In this tiny book I wrote sentences taken from different communication channels, such as: chat-, messenger-, and real conversations, e-mails, regular mails and also excerpts from my dream-diary. These messages are on one side of the book, and on the other side there are minimal visual informations regarding to the texts, creating a third, more complex meaning.

Can we understand each other?/Did we touch each other? - 2014
'exercise book for people in love'

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Originally this booklet was a school exercise book and was the property of my father. Its title, the two phrases: 'Can we understand each other?' and 'Did we touch each other?' is a word-game. These two different meanings in Hungarian is expressed by the very same sentence. I used cards from the traditional Hungarian playing card deck, different photos from newspapers, a biology book, and texts from. Excerpts chosen from random newspapers, supplemented with Hungarian folk song fragments with the theme of love. Most of the Hungarian folklore poetry is about love and articulate sadness in a very complex way.

The Death has hatched - 2013

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For almost five years I have been volunteering in a summer camp for gypsy children in Hungary. After a long day with the kids it was a great pleasure to do some other things just to release from the exhaustion. I found a colouring book called ’Springtime’ (Kikelet) and changed the name to ’The Death has hatched’ (Kikelt a halál) as a word-play. I changed some words to ’HALÁL’ in it as well, which means death in Hungarian and  also did other visual additions connected to passing away. With the playful drawings and with the grim completions I wanted to creat a dark-humour, funny picture book.

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© 2017 by Gergő Bánkúti, visual artist, Hungary/Magyarország

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The Death has hatched 16

'The DEATHS are swimming in the water cheerfully. Colour, use the shades of the blue!'