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Companions - 2022-2023

Coloured sketchbook - 2018-2020

I miss you - 2016

One dog - 2014

One dog 01

Once one dog has stolen the bone. pencil, stickers

One dog 02

I feel like a dog because of this (I feel like nothing on earth because of this) pencil, stickers

One dog 03

A dog's broken bone will soon be healed (The wound inflicted will soon be healed) pencil, stickers

One dog 04

There was a dog-market in Buda only once (This favourable opportunity was a one-time occasion only) pencil, stickers pencil, stickers

One dog 05

A late repetance is a dog's idea (After death the doctor) pencil, stickers

One dog 06

The dog is buried here (Here lies the rub) pencil, stickers

One dog 07

The tree of the dog! (Gosh!) pencil, stickers

One dog 08

The dog does not eat the winter pencil, stickers

One dog 09

Out of a dog there will be no lard (A leopard cannot change his spots) pencil, stickers

One dog 10

Money talks, although the dog may bark pencil, stickers

One dog 11

There is not only one pied dog in the world pencil, stickers

One dog 12

The hoar-frost is still to come for the dog (Be sure your sins will find you out!) pencil, stickers

One dog 13

It is like the dinner of the dog pencil, stickers

One dog 14

The tail wags the dog (Those give orders who are expected to obey) pencil, stickers

One dog 15

A dog that barks does not bite pencil, stickers

One dog 16

He ties the dog to the post (He sticks to his position/plan/idea) pencil, stickers

One dog 17

The bite of a dog is healed by the hair of it pencil, stickers

One dog 18

He barks like the dog to the moon pencil, stickers

One dog 19

A liar is caught sooner than a lame dog pencil, stickers

One dog 20

Two dogs can hardly agree on one bone pencil, stickers

One dog 21

Lord of the dogs! (Oh my gosh!) pencil, stickers

One dog 22

A living dog is better than a dead lion pencil, stickers

One dog 23

Dog and cat friendship pencil, stickers

One dog 24

Serenity would be nice among dogs pencil, stickers

One dog 25

He regrets, just like the dog who yeaned seven puppies pencil, stickers

One dog 26

The dog shits on the hill too pencil, stickers

One dog 27

Dog's lord is pale pencil, stickers

One dog 28

He is the kid of our dog also pencil, stickers

One dog 29

As if they drawn him out from the dogs' mouth pencil, stickers

One dog 30

A scalded dog fears even the rain pencil, stickers

One dog 31

Grumbles like the dog with fleas pencil, stickers

One dog 32

He is in the dog's cramp (He is in a tight squeeze) pencil, stickers

One dog 33

It fell to the thirtieth of dogs (Although it is valuable nobody cares for it any more) pencil, stickers

One dog 34

The dog doesn't bark to him either pencil, stickers

One dog 35

He is like the banished (jerked off) dog pencil, stickers

One dog 36

He doesn't have a dog, neither a cat pencil, stickers

One dog 37

As if they are talking to dogs (Be cat!) pencil, stickers

One dog 38

Dog and its liver pencil, stickers

One dog 39

Barking of dogs cannot be heard in heaven (Who cares about what he says) pencil, stickers

One dog 40

Who is a dog until noon, is a dog in the afternoon too pencil, stickers

In this sketchbook I juxtaposed proverbs/idioms about dogs with dog-stickers supplemented with pencil drawings.

Messages - 2014

Messages 01

If I buy pálinka, how can I go ahead?

Messages 02

Shall we drink pálinka in the Süsü?

Messages 03

It was good to dance with you...

Messages 04

Whereabout is Mexico?

Messages 05

I work in Italy and shit into the sea.

Messages 06

Do you know where does the poo bakes?

Messages 07

The Boby has died.

Messages 08

I need some cheerfulness

Messages 09

Coffee before Viola, in the Stühmer?

Messages 10

There is cigarette + tray of beer. Meet up at home!

Messages 11

I miss you a lot.

Messages 12

(I miss) You too.

Messages 13

Something happened between us.

Messages 14

From where do we know each other?

Messages 15

I am sad.

Messages 16

Let it be anyhow, you can rely on me.

Messages 17

Should I go after him?

Messages 18

Everything is good if (it's) the end.

Messages 19

I was sitting in front of the cold soup, mother washed her hair.

Messages 20

Mother chases me.

Messages 21

I want be unacceptably drunk.

Messages 22

I will love you even if you would like to fuck an octopus.

Messages 23

Useless is the beauty of my soul, if I am a protozoa.

Messages 24

I can't shit.

Messages 25

Shall we drink a bambi? (a drink)

Messages 26

It's a pity that you aren't here, coz' I am drunk.

Messages 27

I look at the concrete with chicken crap.

Messages 28

I'll be half an hour late.

Messages 29

I'm thinking about cats.

Messages 30

Ye, ye, ye...

Messages 31

You're in my mind.

Messages 32

I fell in love.

Messages 33

Hi, no!

Messages 34

Owl, snake, kitty.

Messages 35

I hope everything will be as it used to be.

Messages 36

I'm crying heavily.

Messages 37

He held my hand.

Messages 38

You don't have a palce to sleep again?

Messages 39

We are home. (I love you Tamás)

Messages 40

I crap myself.

Messages 41

Sex today?

Messages 42

Carbon = coal.

Messages 43

When and where?

Messages 44

Did you knead (work out) today?

Messages 45

Do you still have power?

Messages 46

There is hope.

Messages 47

I take you out, but I won't get you back.

Messages 48


Messages 49

You are fairly enough for her.

Messages 50

Your shoes are nice.

Messages 51

But mine are good too. 'Suggestion'

Messages 52

Sex or saw? 'Reserved 21:00'

Messages 53

I think you should end this!

Messages 54

He looks at me.

Messages 55

Your voice is nice.

Messages 56

I am ugly.

Messages 57

I died.

In this tiny book I wrote sentences taken from different communication channels, such as: chat-, messenger-, and real conversations, e-mails, regular mails and also excerpts from my dream-diary. These messages are on one side of the book, and on the other side there are minimal visual informations regarding to the texts, creating a third, more complex meaning.

Can we understand each other?/Did we touch each other? - 2014
'exercise book for people in love'

Originally this booklet was a school exercise book and was the property of my father. Its title, the two phrases: 'Can we understand each other?' and 'Did we touch each other?' is a word-game. These two different meanings in Hungarian is expressed by the very same sentence. I used cards from the traditional Hungarian playing card deck, different photos from newspapers, a biology book, and texts from. Excerpts chosen from random newspapers, supplemented with Hungarian folk song fragments with the theme of love. Most of the Hungarian folklore poetry is about love and articulate sadness in a very complex way.

The Death has hatched - 2013

For almost five years I have been volunteering in a summer camp for gypsy children in Hungary. After a long day with the kids it was a great pleasure to do some other things just to release from the exhaustion. I found a colouring book called ’Springtime’ (Kikelet) and changed the name to ’The Death has hatched’ (Kikelt a halál) as a word-play. I changed some words to ’HALÁL’ in it as well, which means death in Hungarian and  also did other visual additions connected to passing away. With the playful drawings and with the grim completions I wanted to creat a dark-humour, funny picture book.

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