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Compagnons - 17 October 2023

(Nothburga Gallery, Innsbruck)

The soil underfoot is enough for me - 29 May 2018

(Labor Gallery, Budapest)

photos by Boglárka Zellei

Тhe exhibition is closely connected to the memory of my grandmother and her personal relation to religion. Besides my old works in different media, my most recent project was presented: a series of sculptures carved from potatoes.
Potatoes are tightly linked to agricultural work, especially in my home where our whole family took part in the process of growing. Eminently monotonous, this is a repetitive working procedure, a sort of meditation or a prayer.
In the life of the peasantry work and religion were always organic elements of life. On my grandmother’s shelf a lot of religious relics could be found: crucifixes, pictures of saints and figures of Virgin Mary. Copying these relics into potato sculptures I try to preserve memories of a life in which work and religion composed an inseparable unity.

I inherited a pigeon heart - 26 January 2017

(Telep Gallery, Budapest)

photos by Mátyás Gyuricza

With this exhibition I tried to observe different aspects of love and eroticism and our relation to it trough the experience of our previous generations. Both from a personal and from a more general viewpoint. In one of the exhibited works (Bare pictures) I placed pornographic photographs next to ancient Egyptian love poem excerpts. The erotic cards juxtaposed with poetry engendered a grotesque and funny, still amorous and romantic bond. Together with the installation piece (I inherited a pigeon heart) and the oil painting (Kiss) I created an atmosphere in which we can muse on our fixations in love by comprehending the emotions of our ancestors. At the vernissage I performed a Hungarian folk song connected to love.

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