Shadows - 2018

Shadows 01
Shadows 02
Shadows 03
Shadows 04
Shadows 05
Shadows 06
Shadows 07

With this ink/pencil series of seven pieces I would like to reflect on a new Hungarian law enacted on 15 October 2018: „Under the new rule, homelessness is forbidden, meaning that one cannot live on the streets permanently. Those, who break the rule, can be sentenced to community service or even be imprisoned. Authorities are permitted to destroy the belongings of the homeless, for which the state does not have to compensate them.”
(source: https://dailynewshungary.com/the-governments-homeless-ban-claims-its-first-victim-in-godollo/)

Cherno (Black) - 2017

Drawings from the Black Sea, mostly from Kamen Briag, Bulgaria and nearby places. Sketches in which the dark pencil strokes literally reflect to the Black Sea.

Iszka - 2016

Pictures from home - 2015

Drawings - 2018

Drawings - 2012

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© 2017 by Gergő Bánkúti, visual artist, Hungary/Magyarország

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