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My main interest in arts lies in the exploration of personal and collective memories, as well as the process of understanding symbols. Through ancient myths and religious stories, the majority of my works revolve around our connection to the legacy of our ancestors. Throughout my artistic journey, I have placed great emphasis on family memories, village life, and folk art. However, my most recent work delves into the sacred and the profane, life and death, ancient symbols and our broader relationship with them, often presented in an ironic and grotesque manner. Besides painting, I have always been intrigued by other mediums, thus I frequently express these themes through installations, videos, graphics, and, most recently, ceramic art. Additionally, I am also interested in conceptual thinking and text-based art. Language plays a significant role in my artistic approach, which is particularly evident in the titles of my works.



2014 – 2019 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
                         Painter (MFA)

                         master: József Gaál, assistant lecturers: Mária Chilf, Ákos Wechter

2018 – 2019 University of Granada - Faculty of Fine Arts, Granada, Spain (exchange)

2017 – 2017 National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria (exchange)

2011 – 2014 Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, Hungary

                         Visual Artist (BA)

                         teachers: Erzsébet F. Balogh, István Erőss, Péter Földi, Tamás Kopasz 

2009 – 2011  Jaschik Álmos Art High School, Budapest, Hungary

                         Decorator and window-dresser (NQR)

2005 – 2009  Madách Imre Gymnasium and Vocational High School, Salgótarján, Hungary

                         Drawing and painting specialization 

2021 – present  member of artist group mʌtʃ


Solo exhibitions and performances


2023 ’Compagnons’ Galerie Nothburga, Innsbruck (AT)

2022 People do strange things’ Moving Gallery, Innsbruck (HU)

2020 ’Tarot’  San Marco Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2019 ’Still missing’  Bitamine Faktoria, Irún (ES)

2018 ’The soil underfoot is enough for me’  Labor Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2017 ’I inherited a pigeon heart’ TELEP Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2014 ’Solo exhibition’ Aba Sámuel Elementary School, Kazár (HU)

2013 ’The face of our house’ County Hall, Salgótarján (HU)

2013 ’Solo exhibition’ Madách Imre Gymnasium, Salgótarján (HU)


Group exhibitions

2023 ’Zur Sache!’ Rotes Haus Meersburg (AT)

2023 ’DERKÓ’ Kunsthalle Budapest (HU)
2023 ’Skinny Dipping’ Weisskirchen an der Traun, Alte Leichenhalle (AT)
2023 ’STROKE Art Fair’ Praterinsel, München (DE)
2023 ’YPE and matS’ Sillgasse 12, Innsbruck (AT)
2022 ’matS’ Galerie dia:log, Kufstein (AT)
2022 ’Power of Less’ Galerie Nothburga, Innsbruck (AT)
2022 ’Wunden und Wunder’ Haus der Begegnung, Innsbruck (AT)

2022 DERKÓ’ Kunsthalle Budapest (HU)​

2021 ’Art Market Budapest’ MANK, Budapest (HU)​

2021 ’IKSIT ’ HDLU Rijeka (HR)​

2021 ’Koschatzky Art Award’ Palais Schönborn-Batthyány, Vienna (AT)​

2021 ’DERKÓ’ Kunsthalle Budapest (HU)​

2020 ’Searching for T-Art 2 Józsefváros Gallery, Budapest (HU)​

2020  IKSIT - international ceramic symposium II.’  Kammerhof Museum, Gmunden (AT)​

2020 ’ IKSIT - international ceramic symposium I.’  Folk Art Museum, Innsbruck (AT)​

2019 ’IV. National Drawing Triennial’ Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján (HU)​

2019 66. Autumn exhibition’ Alföld Gallery, Budapest (HU)​

2019 ’China and Hungary’ Pintér Gallery, Budapest (HU)​

2019 ’Searching for T-Art’ Szent József Ház, Budapest (HU)​

2019 ’Terem’ Godot Gallery, Budapest (HU)​

2019 ’Water, Air, Earth, Fire Dual Art Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2019 ’35. Spring Exhibition’ Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján (HU)

2019 ’I do not trust words’ Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest (HU)

2019 Group exhibition’ - Mission Art Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2018 ’Art Market Budapest  University of Fine Arts, Budapest (HU)

2018 ’III. National Watercolor Triennal'  Kepes Institute, Eger (HU)

2018 ’Transmimesis: Empathy to Ugliness’ Voloshyn Gallery, Kiev (UA)

2018 ’Locus Focus Godot Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2018 ’Ari Kupsus Scholarship Exhibition'  Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2018 ’Goldiloks Zone' Castle Gallery, Veszprém (HU)

2018 ’Amadeus Foundation's Exhibition’ Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (HU)

2018 ’Ja sam/I am…’ International Exhibition, Decumanus Gallery, Krk (HR)

2018 ’Ludwig Foundation’s Exhibition’ Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (HU)

2018 Výstava Odcizení podle slovníku Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem (CZ)

2018 Silver Javelin Sport in the Contemporary Fine Art, Budapest (HU)
The Seven Deadly Sins  IX. Contemporary Iconographic Biennal, Kecskemét (HU)

2018 ’To Death with a Smile’ Poster contest and exhibition - MUMEDI the Mexican Museum of Design, Mexico City (MX)

2017 ’YG’ Art fair and exhibition, Zsilip, Budapest (HU)
2017 ’I came to you because I love you’ Csili Culture Center, Budapest 

2016 ’Aura exotic’ A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest (HU)
2015 ’In/visible’ III. National Drawing and Graphic Biennale, Győr 

2015 ’Trimester, quarter’ Bartók32 Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2015 ’33. Spring Exhibition’ Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján (HU)

2015 ’Csók István’ Hungarian University of Fine Arts - Barcsay hall, Budapest (HU)

2014 ’Everything is in its place’ Kepes György Art Institute, Eger (HU)

2014 ’Írka’ Jurányi Art Incubator House, Budapest (HU)

2014 ’Field of force’ Little Synagogue, Eger (HU)
2014 ’Bukowski in the Süsü’ József Attila Culture Center, Budapest 

2013 ’32. Spring Exhibition’ Dornyay Béla Museum, Salgótarján (HU)

2013 ’Gray-matter’ Student Gallery, Eger (HU)



2021-2022 ’Derkovits Gyula Scholarship’ Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)

2019 ’Gruber Béla Award’ Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (HU)

2018 ’Eszterházy Károly University's Award for Young Artists' III. National Watercolor Triennal' - Kepes Institute, Eger (HU)
2018 ’Ari Kupsus Scholarship' 
Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2018 'Ludwig Grant' Ludwig Foundation (MX)

2018 'Unilever Art Award' National Fine Arts Competition (HU)

2017 ’Silver Easel’ International Student Painting Contest, Ukraine - five awards (UA)

2015 National Art Students' Associations Conference, first award - painting section (HU)

Residencies, symposiums

2023 Alte Leichenhalle Art Residency – Weisskirchen an der Traun (AT)

2022 Power of Less, International Ceramic and Nature Art Symposium - Kufstein (AT)

2020 IKSIT 6th International Ceramic Symposium - Innsbruck (AT)

2020 Bildingship Artist in Residence - Innsbruck (AT)

2019 Bitamine Faktoria Artist in Residence - Irun (ES)

2019 V. International Painting Symposium - Bokros (SK)

2019 II. South Balaton Contemporary Workshop - Szólád (HU)
2018 Artist in Residence - Brovdi Art Foundation, Uzhhorod (UA)

2013 Minimum Party Art Camp, Kászonaltíz (RO)

2013 Nagykáta-Erdőszőlő Art Camp (HU)


2020 Az élet kártyajáték, csak nem ismerjük a játékszabályokat  by Gréta Garami - Újművészet art magazine, Budapest (HU)

2020 ’Sárkányt csiklandozni, anyagot szelídíteni’  illustration and interview by Daniel Veress - Apokrif literature magazine, Budapest (HU)

2020 ’Potato shrines  by Markéta Kosinová - Swarmmag online magazine (CZ)

2018 The soil underfoot is enough for me  by Katalin Nagy T. - Újművészet art magazine Budapest (HU) -

2018 Travel and art ('Tarot' series)  Brovdi Art Foundation, Uzhhorod - (UA)

2018 The Seven Deadly Sins Catalogue of the IX. Contemporary Iconographic Biennal, Kecskemét (HU)

2018 ’Ja sam.../I am...’ Exhibition Catalogue - Decumanus Gallery, Krk (HR)

2018 ’Niglo II.’ International Art Review, Strassbourg (FR)

2018 ’Untitled Watercolours’ Matador Review, online literature and art quarterly (US)

2018 ’Silver Javelin’ Hungarian Olympic and Sport Museum, Budapest (HU)

2017 ’Niglo’ International Art Review, Sofia, Bulgaria (BG)

2016 ’Creative of the Week’ Phenomenon online cultural magazine based in Budapest (HU) - 

2015 Catalogue of the National Art Students' Associations Conference (HU)

Illustration publications

2021/22 ’Schilla und Freitag’ - ein bilderbuch mit Redevendungen und Robinson, with ’bilding Kunst- und Architekturschule’ (AT)
2020 ’Alföld’ literature, art and critics magazine (HU)
2020 ’Apokrif’ literature magazine (illustration and interview) (HU)

Art education and workshops

2021-present art teacher in Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck (AT)
2020-present regular art workshops in ’bilding Kunst-und architekturschule’:
Kleine basisworkshop, Freitagswerkstatt, Ba
siswerkstatt, Fotoworkshop, Sommerakademie, Bilding weiter bauen, Freestyleworkshop in Innsbruck (AT)
2009–2014 Summer Art camp for children in Bódvalenke, Hungary (HU)

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