Paintings - 2016

Untitled watercolours

The ’Untitled Watercolours’ series is mostly influenced by family photographs which I have re-worked as watercolour paintings. In this series I investigate how the transcendent world appears in our everyday life. I use imaginary elements mixed with realist representation adapted from various photos. In the paintings you cannot see faces - the model's personality dissolves and a transformative force takes command of reality.

Little images

With this series of thirty pieces I want to summon a memory about my grandmother singing Hungarian folksongs to me. Each picture has a title based on the songs I have collected from her. This excerpt is usually just one sentence from the song. I used different materials in this series, but also I painted realistic images of objects that I have found interesting. These objects have a personal story, or a feeling, an experience behind them. With the canvas as a base of the work I wanted to emphasize this subjective world - this material was often used by my grandmother and by other people living in the village.

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© 2017 by Gergő Bánkúti, visual artist, Hungary/Magyarország

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